NoVirusThanks EXE Radar Pro - wersje stabilne i beta
Here is a new v4.0 (pre-release) test24:

*** Please do not share the download link, we will delete it when we'll release the official v4 ***

So far this is what's new compared to the previous pre-release:
+ Allow to disable protection temporarily for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour via Tray Icon right-click menu
+ Added check for damaged/corrupt settings conf file (in which case default settings are re-applied)
+ Fixed When turning on Learning Mode, after a reboot it's set to Alert Mode, I would expect it to stay on Learning Mode
+ Fixed Saving of settings to conf file in particular situations
+ Minor fixes and optimizations
Warstwy ochrony

1)Ograniczenie/blokowanie dostępu do danych/aplikacji
2)Odizolowanie i tworzenie osobnych baz danych/aplikacji
3)Kopia zapasowa systemu/ważnych danych.
4)Wykrywanie i kasowanie wirusów/złośliwych aplikacji.

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