simplewall (wcześniej Wfp Tool) - darmowa nakładka na systemową zaporę
Cytat:wersja 3.2.2 (29 lipca 2020 r.)

zasady użytkownika złamane z 3.2.1 (problem #729)
wersja 3.2.1 (29 lipca 2020 r.)

dodano Włącz tryb cichy, gdy pełnoekranowa aplikacja w opcji pierwszego planu
dodano komunikat o błędzie dla błędu tworzenia procesów (#720 problem)
wyróżnianie prawidłowych połączeń na karcie sieć
zmieniono tytuł grupy "Wyłączone aplikacje" na "Aplikacje bez dostępu do Internetu"
skip uac ostrzeżenie nie działa (problem #724)
okno powiadomień zlokalizowane tylko w języku angielskim
przywrócić wybór wersji IP ipv4/ipv6 w edytorze reguł (problem #723)
przywróć reguły rozwijania w etykietce narzędzia (#723)
przywrócić "zalecany" tag (poprawka #719)
naprawiono błędy

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This is a maintenance release.

added ncsi system rule (issue #709)
added command line mutex checking (issue #750)
added noficitation window redraw (issue #731)
use logical sorting order (issue #735)
check for provider status before create filters
do not highlight connections in log tab
fixed support oldest win7 versions (issue #737)
removed listview empty markup
cosmetic fixes
fixed bugs
v3.2.4 (5 September 2020)

removed assertion from release builds (issue #764)
removed user service instance from the list (win10+)
fixed parsing not existing apps (issue #732, #739)
displays incorrect name on timer expiration
check app timer expiration on profile load
incorrect read-only rules tooltip markup
create filter does not report errors
fixed checking of file attributes
fixed parsing ip/port ranges
cosmetic fixes
fixed bugs

U mnie bez zadyszki.
Ruszyło nowe....

v3.3.1 Beta (16 April 2021)

added workaround for native paths on profile loading (issue #817)
fixed net events does not subscribe on os version lower than 1607

v3.3 Beta (15 April 2021)

added option for tray icon to open window in single click
added warning message for allowing service host
added quic service for internal rules (issue #819)
added multiple rules at once in rules editor
added properties dialog for apps
added index column for logs
added sorting for logs
do not mark apps as unused if it applied for rules
set limit for rules popup menu (issue #692)
increased speed of service enumeration
removed notification ignore button
use threadpool for timers
improved multi-monitor support
improved listviews highlighting
improved file dialogs
fixed rule window does not display rule length limitation (issue #867)
fixed update period timestamp does not set correctly (issue #745)
fixed crash when user uses ipv6 range in rules (issue #822)
fixed support filesystems with custom driver (issue #817)
fixed blank notification window (issue #775)
fixed dependencies load flags for win10rs1+
fixed crash on app startup (issue #775)
updated project sdk
cosmetic fixes
fixed bugs

Jest finalna:

v3.3.3 (29 April 2021)

fixed listview tooltip can cause crash (issue #890)
fixed editor does not create filters for the app
fixed incorrect shared icons behaviour
fixed interlocked operations logic
fixed caching behaviour
fixed internal bugs

v3.3.2 Beta (23 April 2021)

added half an hour timer
added missing spinlocks
fixed file write operation can cause crash
fixed path unexpand does not worked
fixed running log viewer
fixed little memory leak
fixed bugs

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v3.3.4 (3 June 2021)

autoclean packets log ui when system suspended
fixed config may not be saved when profile directory does not exist
fixed unnecessary checking for app paths attributes
fixed threadpool does not initialized com library
fixed installer silent mode (issue #907)
updated blocklist and system rules
fixed internal bugs

I dziwna rzecz- na moim W10 kazałem mu zrobić update, wykonał, ale z niespodzianką - widnieje wsród zainstalowanych programów choć jest na D: jako portable od zawsze. Na drugim laptopie tylko się zaktualizował.

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v3.5.2 (18 October 2021)

    fixed using uninitialzed port variable in ip ranges [regression] (issue #1055)

v3.5.2 (17 October 2021)

    builded with windows 11 sdk
    fixed port can be omited when parsing ip ranges (issue #1010)
    fixed remote range replaces local range (issue #1044)
    fixed interface stuck by comctl library (issue #1009)
    fixed massive gdi handles leak
    fixed internal bugs

v3.5.1 (6 October 2021)

    optimized certificate checking
    fixed check apps for digital signatures option not works (issue #1037)
    fixed lock to avoid duplicate file information loading
    fixed crash on profile loading (issue #1033)

v3.5 (4 October 2021)

    in this release fqdn support was removed because of security issue (issues #1012)
    improved performance due caching network resolution and file information
    partially revert of windows defender power off (issue #1022)
    added ballon tip to display input limitations (issue #809)
    added compress internal profile in resources with lznt1
    fixed signatures information pointer use-after-free when dns resolver avoid arpa requests (issue #1008)
    fixed resolve network addresses can cause crash (issue #1015)
    fixed notification color issues (issue #1007)
    fixed update installation (issue #1016)
    fixed blank notification (issue #1009)
    fixed version information retrieval
    fixed workqueue environment
    fixed internal bugs

v3.4.3 (30 August 2021)

    added verify code signatures from catalog files (issue #1003)
    fixed crash at startup (issue #995)
    fixed rule reference (issue #1002)

v3.4.2 (24 August 2021)

    enable checking apps certificates by default
    show notifications immediately without waiting for busy operations to complete
    impoved listview responsiveness by using virtual listview callback
    fixed packets log displays incorrect direction (issue #945)
    fixed missed listview icons on refresh
    fixed thread environment
    fixed internal bugs
    cosmetic fixes

v3.4.1 (15 August 2021)

    fixed blocklist can does not change action status
    fixed crash at startup (issue #976)
    fixed profile import compatibility
    fixed install update

v3.4 (11 August 2021)

    added arm64 binaries (portable only)
    added protocol and host name information into network alert window (issue #843)
    added limit number of packets log entries (issue #941)
    added host resolving for packet logger listview
    added listview group for forever blocked apps
    fixed loading icons of each application freezes interface (issue #830)
    fixed log listview can have empty lines due to race condition
    fixed ui not properly display installation status (issue #962)
    fixed memory leak when loading profile (issue #888, #937)
    fixed high cpu usage for packet logger (issue #949)
    updated system rules
    updated project sdk
    fixed internal bugs

v3.3.5 (5 July 2021)

    added command line short opts
    use guid for tray icon
    updated project sdk
    fixed toolbar glitch on hidpi displays (issue #950)
    fixed multi-monitor with diffirent dpi support
    fixed installer creates unused files
    fixed internal bugs

v3.3.4 (3 June 2021)

    autoclean packets log ui when system suspended
    fixed config may not be saved when profile directory does not exist
    fixed unnecessary checking for app paths attributes
    fixed threadpool does not initialized com library
    fixed installer silent mode (issue #907)
    updated blocklist and system rules
    fixed internal bugs

Ciągle wartoSmile
This is a features release.

improved multi-threading safety
improved startup time
improved dpi support
added option to confirm allowing applications (issue #1070)
added filtering for the application list (issue #663)
added editor list items count mark for tab title
added wfp initialization failure workaround
added filtering for editor apps and rules
added layer name into log
moved log exclude configuration into another settings page (issue #1064)
revert notification x button (issue #973)
changed create rule toolbar icon (#723)
fixed filters with hard permit can access internet (issue #689)
fixed issue with hotkeys for switch tabs (issue #723)
fixed rebar incrorrect resizing when dpi was changed
fixed update installation issue (issue #1061)
fixed notification multi-monitor support
fixed service missing path (issue #1036)
fixed editor can cause crash (#1071)
fixed big memory leak (issue #1066)
fixed net events unsubscription
optimized listview sorting
fixed internal bugs
cosmetic fixes

v.3.6.1 Latest
This is a maintenance release.

added clear search on escape button
fixed crash on delete filters (issue #1084)
fixed import profile warning (issue #1086)
fixed crash dumps processing
updated locales
cosmetic fixes

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v3.6.6 (12 August 2022)

fixed editor does not disable save button when rule name is empty
fixed network monitor duplicate calls
fixed application crash (issue #1272)

v3.6.5 (11 August 2022)

added group for apps with timers
display long time in packets log date column
fixed uwp packages display name parsing
fixed blank notifications (again!) (issue #1009)

v3.6.4 (19 Juny 2022)

added focus assistant support (win10rs3+)
fixed notification sometimes can lose focus of fullscreen app
fixed internal profile loading crash (issue #1228)

v3.6.3 (10 May 2022)

fixed installer launches simplewall without asking user (issue #1119)
fixed saving unused apps in profile (issue #1216)
fixed app crash on create process (issue ##1224)
fixed uninstaller delete not all files
improved workqueue environment
improved threading model
fixed internal bugs

v3.6.2 (26 April 2022)

added autoinstall non-executable updates feature (issue #1122)
added clear search with escape button for editor
added fallback for font loading when it does not exists
improved uwp packages information loading
fixed restore properties window position
fixed rule tooltip whitespace
fixed internal bugs
updated network monitor
updated locales
cosmetic fixes
v3.6.7 (21 September 2022)

added windows update service solution (issue #677, thx @taviso) [win10+]
added feature to allow only the requested ip in notification (issue #1265)
added 12 and 24 hour timer values (issue #1298)
fixed opening editor are overlapped by notification window
fixed uwp apps are reset after installing updates (issue #1294)
fixed select all with search filter selects everything (issue #1264)
fixed loading default icons for services and uwp apps
fixed check update option in main menu (issue #1309)
fixed port numbers are now verified (issue #1240)

Nadal warto Smile
Fajnie że nadal pewne programy są rozwijane
Warstwy ochrony

1)Ograniczenie/blokowanie dostępu do danych/aplikacji
2)Odizolowanie i tworzenie osobnych baz danych/aplikacji
3)Kopia zapasowa systemu/ważnych danych.
4)Wykrywanie i kasowanie wirusów/złośliwych aplikacji.
Długo oczekiwana aktualizacja - wreszcie!

v3.7.1 (31 July 2023)

fixed import not correcly worked (issue #1466)
fixed crash when checking files (issue #1455)
updated project sdk

v3.7 (27 July 2023)

added profile encryption [oldest versions cannot open new profile] (issue #599)
added terminate process into notification window (issue #1398)
added checksum calculation for the apps (issue #394)
added error message for log subscription
improved search performance (issue #1383)
fixed timer and apps timestamp displays incorrect information (32-bit only)
fixed sometimes application displays incrorrect icons
fixed possible crash when clearing log
fixed silent uninstaller do not worked
fixed arm64 build crash (issue #1228)
fixed internal bugs
fixed memory leaks
updated nuget package
updated project sdk
updated locale

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