WiseVector Personal Edition- darmowe AV na bazie AI
Cytat:WiseVector StopX 2.08 is released, please download via https://www.wisevector.com/WiseVector_StopX.exe
If you want to use 2.08 right now, please uninstall the old version first.
If you want to update online, please wait a couple of days.

Features of WiseVector 2.08:

1.Improved detection in UAC bypass attacks.
2.Behavior detection can now parse complex command lines written to the registry. Improved the ability to detect stealth malware.
3.Fixed a bug in process chain analysis. Improved the ability to remove malware leftover parts.
4.Improved Ransomware detection.
5.Improved defense against the AdWind family. In these days, we have tested hundreds of samples belong to Adwind family and the result is satisfied.(@harlan4096, highly appreciate your testing to help StopX to improve).
6.Redesigned quarantine, trust zone and log. Now they are clearer and easier to view.
7.Fixed other bugs.

Please don't hesitate to contact us when you have any question.

Best regards,
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